Cambrian Rally

Spectator Car Parking Charges:

Posted on February 13, 2017

We are truly disappointed that we had to abandon the event, after 9 months of hard work, but the sheet ice was unsafe for the marshals, spectators, competitors and officials and we were not prepared to take any unnecessary risks to any individuals on this event. This decision was not taken lightly, the last time the event was abandoned was in 1979 due to large amount of snow rather then ice.

The car parking charge was £10 which included a £5 programme. The remaining £5 goes to the various teams of local rugby clubs, football clubs, communities and our charity of choice the Wales Air Ambulance. These car parks are manned by the local clubs and we try and support them as much as possible. On the lead up to the event, they worked extremely hard setting things up and making necessary provisions with access roads through the local villages.

The organisers make no money from the car park fees, we only make money from the competitors entry fees and our kind sponsors.

We have already raised a substantial amount for the Wales Air Ambulance and we are grateful to all those spectators that have indicated they are happy for their money to be used for these organisations and charities.

Many thanks,

Cambrian Rally Team.